Orange Braised Beetroot with Barley Salad

Braised beetroot, green apple, celery, wild arugula plant served with horseradish and mustard dressing.

Starter: Rs. 1,450                 
  Main: Rs. 1,900

Green Lentil Bolognese

Green lentils and tomato sugo, cooked with diced potato and carrot served rigatoni pasta.

Starter: Rs. 1,250                 
  Main: Rs. 1,800

Mezze Platter

Mediterranean style hummus, beetroot & cummin dip, eggplant & caramelized onion dip served with stuffed vine leaves, lentil felafel, tabouli salad, and garlic Turkish bread.

Starter: Rs. 1,500               
   Main: Rs. 2,150

Asylum Green Curry with Steam Jasmine Rice

Broccoli, turkey berry (thibbatu), okra, tofu and cashew cooked in an Asian herd mixed heavy coconut milk broth.

Starter: Rs. 950               
  Main: Rs. 1,250

Szechuan Eggplant with Steamed Rice

Szechuan pepper peanut butter with stewed eggplant served with steamed rice and sautéed garlic kai lan (Chinese broccoli)

Starter: Rs. 950               
  Main: Rs. 1,250